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The Japanese government revised the current Law Concerning the Recovery and Destruction of Fluorocarbons and promulgated the new Act, “the act for Partial Revision of the Act on Ensuring the Implementation of Recovery and Destruction of Fluorocarbons concerning Designated Products”, on June 12, 2013. The following four countermeasures are being proposed as countermeasures spanning the entire fluorocarbon lifecycle from production to destruction, adding to the existing laws for fluorocarbon recovery and destruction.

Main 4 Points of the Revision

  • Promotion of low GWP equipment and products
    (conversion by manufacturers of equipment and products)
    The designated products are selected from mass-produced products to which alternative products will be possible.  The targets are decided considering the product safety, performance, cost and the possibility of new technology for conversion of existing products. Each equipment manufacturer or importer is required to comply with this target based on their corporate average, allowing for flexibility on which fluorocarbon to be used in which product lines.

  • Phase down of fluorocarbons
    (efforts by gas manufacturers)
    The Japanese government will publish the forecast on the quantity of fluorocarbon gases to be used in Japan. Fluorocarbon gas manufacturers and importers will need to create and submit their plan for the reduction of fluorocarbons to the government. These figures will be reported and will be closely monitored, and its aim is to reduce the overall fluorocarbon consumption and emission.
  • Containment from commercial equipment in use
    (Refrigerant management by user)
    Periodical inspection of the equipment will be conducted to prevent leakage. Report of the quantity of annual leakages will be mandatory for particular users and the total of reported quantity will be published by the government.
  • Installers and reclaimers are required to be registered and approved by the government.


April 2015: The regulation was fully implemented.

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