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The fluorocarbon industry has contributed to reduction of greenhouse gases by reducing its emissions 11 billion tons CO2 eq annually over the past two decades. This is more than a five-fold greater contribution than would have been achieved through the current Kyoto Protocol actions if fully implemented. Furthermore, GFPF members have contributed significantly to the replacement of ozone depleting substances enabling the reduction in consumption and emissions under the Montreal Protocol, while also addressing human health and other environmental concerns.

GFPF recognizes that the task is far from over; developing economies continue to make ODS reductions and will need all alternatives and time to complete this environmental goal. While providing products meeting societal needs, GFPF continues to promote safety, end of life recovery/disposal, proper handling, cost effectiveness, product stewardship and application energy efficiency. Energy efficiency improvements are critical to continue greenhouse gas reductions as the transition from ozone depleting substances continues.

GFPF members support the development of measures under the Montreal Protocol to limit the expected HFC emissions growth through an HFC consumption cap and reduction program.

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