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Fluorocarbons have been successfully used for decades in both new and existing applications including refrigeration, air-conditioning, insulation, medical and technical aerosols. Developments continue for new, environmentally-preferable fluorocarbon solutions to address customer needs, regulations and societal concerns. These developments will continue to help industry reduce overall environmental footprints, and allow product designers to select the best solution for each specific application, while considering energy efficiency, technical performance and safety.

GFPF supports the development and deployment of lower GWP materials and its member companies are developing new technology to combine the benefits of fluorocarbons with a further reduction of the overall environmental footprint. The GFPF, consisting of fluorocarbon producers in Europe, India, Japan, and the US firmly support global initiatives that aim at high levels of sustainability based on three sustainable development pillars: environmental, economic, and social including safety.

Download Complete Position Paper: The Way Forward to Control Fluorocarbons with Elevated GWP