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The Montreal Protocol envisages the complete phase-out of the consumption of CFCs and HCFCs for dispersive uses. The use of these substances as raw materials (“Feedstock”) in the production of other products is not regulated under the Montreal Protocol. The rationale is that they are fully consumed and converted to other vital substances and products that serve legitimate needs of society. These products include fine and performance chemicals, pharmaceuticals, solvents, polymers, etc, with unique properties that offer higher performance and energy efficiency. As a result no substantial emissions of ODSs are to be expected from their use as feedstock.

GFPF supports continued enforcement of the Montreal Protocol treaty as written and actions to mitigate losses, avoid diversion of ODS for non-approved applications, and restrictions on facilities through the use of permits and emission limits under law. GFPF also supports the continued use of ODSs as feedstock due to the benefits they provide to society, where emissions are tightly controlled and alternatives are not available which are technically and commercially viable.

Download Complete Position Paper: The Use of ODSs as Feedstocks